This page offers links you can follow to learn more about what we do

  • We are a member of Eudec, and aim to set up an African equivalent.
  • The Alliance For Self-Directed Education (USA) publishes many of our articles, and offers forums to discuss SDE.
  • Riverstone Village (Johannesburg Sudbury) is on Facebook here.
  • Here is Sudbury Valley: the original Sudbury School, open since 1969
  • Two great Sudbury videos can be found here and here
  • Democratic Education blog is a South African resource about democratic education
  • Growing Minds, is another local resource with articles about self-directed education
  • Kapriole has a great series of videos explaining various aspects of Sudbury style education.
  • It’s really worth watching Summerhill (2008), a dramatised documentary of real events at Summerhill School. Although the Riverstone Village model is not exactly the same, it’s a wonderful movie. Summerhill is the school that inspired Sudbury Valley School, just like SVS inspired Riverstone Village. These are our evolutionary roots.
  • It’s also great to read the blogs of other Sudbury schools like Hudson Valley , Atlanta , Wicklow , Mountain Laurel and more. If you have a favourite Sudury blog, let us know and we’ll list it here.
  • Made By Dyslexia features inspirational great advice for all of us, since SDE is an ideal educational model for Dyslexia and other learning ‘differences’.