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Helping The Butterfly Hatch

Most of us by now have heard that helping a butterfly as it struggles out of its chrysalis can cripple it for life. This is also a good analogy for what happens to Self-Directed Learning processes when facilitators get in the way. (Ever wondered why so many schooled children hate maths?) However, the answer is not as simple as “doing nothing”. The way that you interact with a Self-Directed Learner and support their Self-Directed Education (SDE) process can have a big positive impact. This course is designed to get you started and build your confidence so that you can become an SDE optimiser – instead of a well-intentioned saboteur!

Helping the Butterfly Hatch is a four-week introductory course designed to support you in your own Self-Directed Learning process about Self-Directed Education, so that your learning is not only theoretical but also experiential. The Facilitators will support you in your own personal growth process, helping you access resources according to your needs. While core and recommended materials and resources will be made available, it will be up to you how and how much you access and use them – you will be part of a group but working at your own pace and readiness. This means that whether you are a parent preparing to deschool your family for the first time, or an experienced staff member in a child-centred cottage school, or anywhere in between, this course can support you in accessing your next level of best-practise.

June’s course was very well received by both unschooling parents and SDE staff, giving one of the participants the confidence to finally open her own SDE cottage school. “If you have questions about ‘how it could possibly work’ just come and do it – the course helps answer your uncertainties.” “I understood the theory before, but now I have the confidence to implement it practically.” “I feel like part of a community now – it helps to interact, and integrate the philosophy.” “I was scratching the surface of self-directed education, and only now having completed the course, do I realise how much I can improve the facilitation of my kids’ SDL by employing the practical skills and tools that I learned throughout the course.”

Course options range from R500 – R5 500, limited bursaries available. Contact us for further information.