Admissions Information

This is a summary of our admissions process. At your Admissions Interview, we will be able to explain anything that might not be clear.

Admissions Process

Step 1
  • Begin by attending an Information Session, a Social Day*, or simply apply for an interview.
  • Our interview fee is R250.
  • If you have attended an Information Session or a Social Day, the interview fee is reduced to R50.
Step 2
  • At your interview, you will book your visiting week.
  • The visiting week fee is R900, which covers all family members who wish to sign up to attend at that time.
Step 3
  • Attend your visiting week. This is where all family members who wish to sign up can discover what joining Riverstone Village would be like, and where the community can get to know you.
  • At the end of visiting week, we will all discuss and decide whether there is a good fit between your family and what we have to offer. If everyone is comfortable, your family registers, officially joining Riverstone Village. There is currently no additional registration fee.

* Social Days are specific open days where you can find out more about what we offer, through hanging out, chatting, and exploring. Because our staff are often busy talking to prospective parents rather than facilitating, Social days are different to the regular Riverstone Village experience.

If you want to experience full membership but cannot participate regularly for some reason such as distance, let’s talk.


General Fees for 2020 are currently R3 900 per month per person attending, plus a R6 600 annual development levy payable in monthly installments if you prefer.

You can also apply for community status. Community status means you are committed to alignment with our values and mission, and have a strong interest in seeing Self-Directed Education thrive, so you will enrich our community in many ways, not only financial.

Community Fees are linked to your income level (so they can be higher or lower than the General Fees) and your monthly fee covers all the members of your family who sign up to attend. The adults of your extended family also agree to donate time to help out with various tasks – which can be done by one person, or divided across several adults in your extended family. Instead of a development fee, your family brings a First Donation gift on arrival – something that fits your budget. Your whole family is then part of the community, and has a say in certain kinds of decisions that are taken.

Legal Whichever fee structure applies to you, on top of fees we charge a legal fee of R50 per child per month.