Yes! You can apply to enroll for 2018

The time has finally come! The Riverstone Village admissions process is now open.

Riverstone Village is South Africa’s first democratic, self-directed (SDE) learning community. Democratic self-directed education is a cutting-edge best-practice educational model growing fast around the globe, because:

  • it is so effective and gets such great long term results,
  • it easily accommodates learning styles that can be difficult in most other models,
  • it allows each individual to thrive, develop and master their unique talents and interests
  • it embodies the full spectrum of children’s rights which can be compromised by many other models,
  • and, best of all, because children love it and tell their friends.

To find out more about the theory and research behind SDE, go to How do you find out more about Riverstone Village? Take your pick. You could:

It takes a village? We’ve got one for you.