SDE a-ha’s

by Je’anna Clements

Here are a few “aha’s” that can help us get our heads around Self Directed Education – how and why it works.

  1. Strange = scary, and for those of us who were conventionally schooled, SDE can look strange.
  2. But not that strange. If you stop to think, you will realise that – whether it’s how to use your new cellphone, or how to parent, you learn through SDE all the time.  
  3. “The curriculum” is nothing special. It is a myth that all people need to, or even can, learn the same things, let alone at the same ages. Human knowledge has expanded to the point that 12 years of curriculum can only cover around 1% of one billionth of what there is to know. Who can best choose what you personally need to know to make your life work?
  4. Reading, writing, and life-level math are not hard to master. They only look hard when we push people to master them against their personal readiness, creating crises of confidence. Although many people in SDE learn well after the age of six, eight, even ten, there is no recorded case of anyone in fully supported SDE not mastering them sufficiently to live a fulfilling life.
  5. ‘Special’ needs? SDE doesn’t mean you can’t get the help you need if/when you need it. It just means that you choose who helps you, when, and how much. You learn how to get what you need, rather than learning to wait for rescue, accepting whatever you get.
  6. We think kids are irresponsible, because they often balk at what others push them to do. Put in charge of their own goals, people take serious responsibility – when it’s real!