Thalia Prigge

Thalia at play
Thalia Prigge (BSc. Hons Physics)

Thalia Prigge is a general staff member at Riverstone Village, and also our Authentic Play facilitator. She is the mother of two self-educated children now in their teens.

She talks to her mother in Greek. She picked up some basic French as an exchange student in her teens, and has passed level 2 South African sign language.

She has studied Original Play with O. Fred Donaldson and a dragonfly, and Authentic Play with Douwe van der Zee, and playful play with countless child participants. Adults are also allowed a turn.

She has experience mentoring parents and babies in Elimination Communication and gentle parenting.

Her undergraduate majors were Physics and Applied Maths. After her honours, she studied a year of linguistics, and later did the Access Certificate in English Language Teaching. She has previously worked in the IT field and has recently done some mentoring in Java programming, sharing as she learns.

She is the key developer of our sustainable EverGiftWrap sewing business. She is a skilled handwork enthusiast, makes great dress-up costumes, and enjoys doing Tunisian as well as regular crochet.

She has climbed Mount Kenya, and is an experienced rock climber and tree climber. She enjoys Latin and ballroom dancing, particularly cha-cha and mambo – although Samba was awesome when pregnant.

Her life path has led her into exploring diet and nutrition and conscious eating, including lacto-vegetarian, fermented foods, and gluten-free. She taught Je’anna how to cure olives.

She lives for playing her guitar, and also plays recorder. She has a passion for puzzles – jigsaw and all it’s variations, ‘pencil’ logic puzzles, sudoku variations, and physical manipulation puzzles. Her current favorite is the Slither Link.