Shylet Mutarika

Shylet helps with sewing


Shylet Mutarika


Shylet is a general support facilitator for Riverstone Village.


She is fluent in English, Zulu, and Ndebele. She has First Aid Level 2, with practical experience in paediatric hospital long-term care as well as mother-and-child care. Shylet also has previous experience in hospitality and catering.


She likes to play soccer, volleyball, and tennis. She has studied building and is a competent bricklayer, plasterer and painter. She also studied fashion design and enjoys making dolls’ clothes. She is kept busy by the community playing dodgeball, chases, and UNO card games, doing safety supervision on the playground, and supporting Riverstone community members in learning to sew.


She enjoys relaxing on Saturdays, and attending church on Sundays.