Lulekwa Sbukwana

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Lulekwa Sbukwana


Lulekwa has completed her Montessori Diploma with Montessori Centre SA.


She speaks, reads, and writes isiXhosa, speaks isiZulu, seSotho and a bit of Tswana, can understand Pedi and Afrikaans, and has a smattering of Portuguese. She is a mother of one child under 6 who has previously attended Montessori before they both made the shift to Democratic Self-Directed Education.


Also known as Lulu the butterfly, she is one of our general facilitators. She has several years of Montessori teaching experience. She loves the concepts of Montessori but became frustrated with the limited capacity of the model to fulfill the promise of full self-direction in practise.


She has also been an office minion for a big corporate, and dabbled in focus group facilitation, as well as facilitating “A Woman’s Way of Knowing” workshops.


She is a Kahuna massage therapist, level 2.


She loves nature and the environment, and has an ongoing learning journey exploring sustainable practices. During her time with Pioneers of Change (now Reos Partners) she travelled to both Brazil and Egypt to participate in discussions around sustainable strategies to deal with climate change.


She loves to hike, and any kind of dancing, and loves playing Capoeira, which she picked up in Mozambique and Knysna. She also enjoys reorganising her domestic chaos – into more interesting forms of chaos.


She reads sci-fi – currently lots of Assimov. She is finding herself increasingly interested in Astronomy. She is interested in learning how to code.