Logan Kelso

Logan assisting with the bass guitar

Logan Kelso


Logan did three years of Fine Art at Pretoria Tech before deciding that the course actually didn’t suit his needs any more now that conscription had ended.


Logan is bilingual in English and Afrikaans. He is one of our general facilitators, and a father of two children. The older child was schooled for four years before the family decided that his personality, educational and emotional needs would be better met by Self-Directed Education. The younger child in the family has been supported in self-educating since birth.


Logan worked for a while in clothing retail, then hardware retail, then moved into IT including graphic design, animation and audio production, before opening his own sound-hire and Dj service.


At around age 10 he took up drumming, and by 12 had started his first band, “The Dead Relatives”, covering rock and alternative standards as well as composing several original songs. Metal band “Funeral” followed during his time at Tech. He moved cities several times in the years that followed, joining and starting bands as he went. He currently plays in a two-piece outfit called “Conscript”. He plays informally with other members of Riverstone Village – when they let adults join in.


He also knows his way around on guitar, bass and piano, and runs a small home studio.


Logan is currently busy with a third round of home renovations, learning on the go. This is also a great opportunity for his family to join in. He loves giving even the youngest people opportunities to develop practical skills with a hammer and wrench.


Logan is a proud supporter and advocate for the SDE movement, and volunteers his time at Riverstone Village.