Julien McIver

A child balancing to stand on an adult's shoulders, whose eyes are closed and hands extended. Another child looks up at them.

Julien providing a base on which to balance.

Julien is a full-time, self-funding student currently studying 1st year BSC maths and computer science.


Julien is fully bilingual in English and French. He is currently an additional facilitator volunteering once a week.


He supports himself and pays for his studies by teaching pilates and working as a personal trainer. He has several years of work experience, only recently having decided to study further.


Julien enjoys rock-climbing, gymnastics and parkour. He has several years experience teaching children’s ‘urban gymnastics’ – a fusion of movement, fitness, light gym and gentle parkour techniques. He is also a talented actor, and played a lead role in our Cardboard Knight stage play last year. The kids enjoy stunt-fighting with him, and creating mini movies and improv action scenes.


Julien does Maths for fun – whether working through a textbook, reading up on the history of maths, or grappling with geometric problems. Sometimes simply seeing a car or a swing inspires a burning question about ratios and relationships that he will obsessively work on for days.


Julien loves DeSDE, because he knows only too well what it is to not fit the mainstream educational box. School was not a positive experience for him, but he eventually managed to figure out how to keep going and become himself in spite of it. He sees that Riverstone Village offers just what he needed then, to the children he plays with here now – the opportunity to live life fully without trying to squeeze your wonderful self into somebody else’s box.


Julien is a huge favorite with Riverstone Village community members, who desperately want him as a general facilitator as soon as we can find him a salary so that he can survive in spite of cutting down his gym work.


If you or someone you know might be willing to sponsor Julien a live-able salary so that he and Riverstone Village can have the best of each other, please let us know!