Je’anna Clements

An adult with a child on either side
Je’anna hanging out with a vampire and an off-duty ballerina.
Je’anna Clements (B.A. Psych Hons.)

Je’anna is a writer, SDE facilitator and staff-trainer for Riverstone Village, and mother of two children whom she has supported in self-educating since birth, about to turn 7 and 12.


Je’anna has a professional level of English, a fair understanding of Afrikaans, and is currently in the conversational stages of learning French and isiZulu – sharing the process with interested Riverstone Village community members as she learns.


Je’anna’s BA focused on Philosophy, Political Science and Psychology. She has previously trained as an Aware Parenting Instructor with Aletha Solter (PhD). She also trained as a toy librarian and educational play facilitator with Associated Learning Libraries South Africa (ALLSA) now subsumed under ACTPSA (A Change to Play, Southern Africa). She has completed LifeLine counselor training.


Je’anna has a keen interest in child participation and acted as key facilitator and trainer of facilitators in Child Participation for the Gauteng “Hear Right Now” project commissioned by the Gauteng Provincial Plan of Action for Children (GPAC) through the UNESCO MOST program: Growing Up In Cities (GUIC). She was a founder member of the Consultancy Group “Young Insights for Planning” (YIP). She has worked as a researcher and report writer in Child Participation in Gauteng and the Northern Cape; and co-facilitated Child Participation discussions for Save The Children Sweden in Stockholm, 2004.


Among other places, Je’anna’s writing has been published by Save The Children (Sweden); the Children, Youth and Environments journal (Univ. Colorado, USA); and Tipping Points magazine (Alliance for Self-Directed Education, USA).


She is the author of  “Help! My Kid Hates School”, as well as the forthcoming “SDE Facilitator’s Handook”, and “The Right of the Child to Education: SDE and the UNCRC.”


Je’anna loves philosophical discussions, logic, and debating. She has done basic doula training. She has studied Clean Language/Symbolic Modelling, level 1. She collects Terry Pratchett books and crystals, loves speculative fiction, selected fantasy and sci-fi, and making up tongue-twisters. Je’anna is really good at making things with polymer clay and other micro materials. When she has time she bakes her own bread and makes various pickles. She enjoys drawing, painting, and knitting. She loves a good brisk walk in nature. She likes spiders, and trying to ID what kind of butterfly or frog just disappeared, also.


She writes short fiction, poetry, plays and screenplays (she also sometimes acts). In 2015 she wrote and directed The Cardboard Knight.  She has worked in the music industry as a singer-songwriter, and as a sound healer has run many workshops and guided meditations, and is at her best when she can find the time to meditate twice a day. She has won several awards for writing and music.


She plays a number of interesting sound-healing instruments, including voice.  The younger Riverstone Village community members like it best when she plays the fool!