Gibran Khan

Gibran and friends playing peekaboo with a tree.


Gibran Khan (BA Psychology and Sociology, currently completing BA Hons Psychology).


Gibran speaks English and conversational Afrikaans. He is the father of two children under ten, and has found it very enlightening to watch them develop their capacity to self-direct and negotiate.


He is also a qualified paramedic. He particularly enjoyed being the boo-boo fixer at the MTN bike park.


Gibran is our computer technical assistant. He also enjoys playing with the community members. He has been impressed by children’s abilities to access the technological tools of the culture, often favouring ‘real’ technical tools rather than digital ‘toys’ designed for children.


His interests span a wide range, driven by a burning general curiosity about the world and all of life. He loves to chase questions that come up, surfing information for the pure joy of it. He is as likely to read up on astrophysics as on breastfeeding best-practice or virtual security systems.


He has experience working in NPO’s dealing with healthcare. While volunteering as part of an outreach program to support increased productivity among farmers in Angola, Gibran and his team created a Raspberry Pi-driven greenhouse monitoring app to control humidity, fertilisation, and other aspects of cultivation.


Having lived in a mansion on the one hand, and temporarily out of the back of a car at an Engen garage on the other, he has a particular appreciation for the role of money and social responsibility in our times. He currently supports a family of four, and volunteers his time to Riverstone Village.


Gibran is good with tools and DIY. He can do a bit of most things – including plumbing, carpentry, welding, and electrical.


Gibran enjoys dancing, watching the same favourite ‘happy’ movies over and over again. You’ve Got Mail, Back to the Future (all three in a row), and Planet of the Apes (from the 60’s) are some of his favourites. He loves listening to music, and pretends that he can play the harmonica.