Our Staff

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Main staff

Our main staff at present (in alphabetical order – we don’t do hierarchy) are:

Andrew showing a community member how to ‘biohack’ using an ear clip to measure heart-rate coherence.

An adult with a child on either side
Je’anna hanging out with a vampire and an off-duty ballerina.

A child balancing to stand on an adult's shoulders, whose eyes are closed and hands extended. Another child looks up at them.

Julien providing a base on which to balance

Shylet helping with sewing
Thalia at play

Additional volunteers

A number of parent and community volunteers offer extra enrichment to our learning environment as needed – recent examples: Langa helps with film and camera studies, Anna helps with animal care, Graeme helps with coding, Bronwyn with advanced sewing, AndrĂ© with fine art and design, and Owl (yes, the one from Qkumba Zoo!) with music and music production, video, and You Tube Club. And of course a number of volunteers help with swimming, general care, admin, maintenance, sourcing funds and materials and more.