Our Staff

Click on each staff member’s name or picture to see their profile.

Main staff

Our main staff as at July 2017 (in alphabetical order – we don’t do hierarchy) are:

An adult with a child on either side
Je’anna hanging out with a vampire and an off-duty ballerina.
Logan assisting with a bass guitar


Shylet helping with sewing
Thalia at play

Additional staff

Our additional staff offer extra enrichment to our learning environment, currently act as mentors, etc. Other individuals have also agreed to be available on request, including a wonderful programming mentor and a trainer in effective communication. Regular additional staff include:

Andrew showing a community member how to ‘biohack’ using an ear clip to measure heart-rate coherence.


Angie Bockel – coming soon

Anna Zeederberg – coming soon


A child balancing to stand on an adult's shoulders, whose eyes are closed and hands extended. Another child looks up at them.

Julien providing a base on which to balance


Lisa – photo pending